Bloch Boost Dance Sneaker – review

Bloch are a famous maker of dance shoes. The Boost Dance Sneaker was originally designed to be used for jazz dancing but are now their best selling Zumba shoe

What we like

  • Split soles – this makes the shoes very flexible
  • Pivot point – vital for Zumba, so you can move your feet from side to side and thus avoid damage to your knees
  • Arch support – if you have problems with your arches then these shoes provide great support for them
  • Light – the shoes are made of lightweight materials so are nice and light on your feet.
  • Breathable – so your feet will stay cooler and less sweaty.
  • Cushioned heel – helps to absorb shocks and provide comfort
  • Stylish – they look good in black or pink.

Things to be to aware of

  • Sizes are generally small so it’s best to order one size larger than your normal size
  • Split sole shoes are not for everyone, they give more flexibility but they may make your arches ache if you are new to Zumba.


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