Zumba for Men

zumba for men

Zumba’s for women right? Wrong. There’s no reason why guys shouldn’t get the benefits of Zumba too. Here’s what they are:

You’ll get fit

You can burn a lot of calories doing Zumba, up to a thousand per lesson. It’s a very energetic dance and a great cardio workout. You should soon start losing weight and feeling and looking better.

You’ll get stronger and more toned

By doing Zumba you’ll build up your muscles – which will help you look better and also help you lose weight by burning of more calories. And you’ll also help to tone your muscles. You’ll also help build up your core strength.

You’ll have fun

Unlike many forms of exercise – the gym and jogging spring to mind in particular – Zumba is great fun. So you can exercise and have fun.

It’s cheap exercise

All you need to pay for is the class, which is usually not expensive and for some sneakers, head here to find the best zumba shoes for men.

You’ll meet people

You’ll meet some new people, you might even find yourself a partner if you’re looking for one, although that’s far from guaranteed if you’re very obviously looking for this and hitting on every woman in the class.

You’ll hear some great music

Zumba classes play some great Latin music which will really get your feet moving.

You’ll learn how to dance

This could be useful in lots of situations, particularly impressing in social situations. And women love men who can dance.

It’s non-competitive

You’re free of the competiveness that can ruin many other forms of exercise, particularly those involving men. Zumba is much more supportive than confrontational

Your co-ordination will improve

This improvement in co-ordination can help in lots of other sports as well. And if you are older it’s a good way to help to stay young.

Your mental health will improve

  • The exercising produces endorphins which help you feel good.
  • You’ll have fun moving to the music
  • You’ll enjoy doing something new and meeting new people
  • If you have confidence issues, then you should start to gain more confidence in yourself and your body
  • Dancing is great for the brain – read more about the psychological benefits of dancing